Monday, October 15, 2007

In a Day of the Life

I am feeling much better these days. Although I am still looking for a new job, things are not nearly as stressful and overwhelming as they recently have been. It also helps that I now play volleyball at a an open gym twice a week. Also, Raazi found Shaunna's 24 hour card and I have worked out everyday since I got it. I love going to the classes that are held. Although the gym in Kirkland is kinda small and definately cramped, I still enjoy being able to walk to the gym. Especially this last weekend because the sun was out and it was around 60 degrees, which is super warm compared to what it has been recently. Another great thing is that there are so many of these gyms around. There are two more in Bellevue, so if I want more space, I can drive 10 minutes and go to one of those gyms.

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