Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Race Report: STP One Day

2013 Group Health Seattle to Portland One Day Ride

Strava Part One
Strava Part Two
(my Garmin didn't start until ~3 miles in and then the battery died at mile 180 wherein I turned on the Strava app on my phone to capture the last 20 miles)

~206 miles
~3,500 ft elevation
12:42 time in the saddle
3:45 taking breaks
15.9 mph average

Random thoughts on the ride:

  • The weather was perfect, I kept my layers on until the halfway mark in Centralia.
  • Jed was awesome, seriously such great support (see braid photo below).  He kept morale up, great attitude and took care of us fabulously.  So much appreciation.
  • I pulled the entire ride except for about 10 miles where Kim pulled or I picked up the back of a pace line.  It was hard to find pace lines the second half of the ride and many times I had to slow down to go on a pace line just to give myself a wind break for a bit.
  • Terrible headwind.  Especially on the highway portion (miles 130-190).
  • We left UW at 4:30am and arrived in Portland around 9pm.
  • Got passed by my friend Guido, it was cool that amongst 10,000+ people, we were able to see each other on the course.  He finished about 5 hours before we did.
  • Miles 130-175 were the longest miles ever.
  • Miles 150-175 = world of hurt.
  • Miles 180-200 = Garmin died, felt so lost and confused at not knowing speed and distance left.
  • 1 mile out from Finish Line, Kim's back tire totally blew out.  Put in another tube and hoped for the best.
  • 1/2 mile out from Finish Line, Kim's back tire blew out again.  Good samaritan that worked at local bike shop gave Kim his tire.  Gave his tire.  Meanwhile, Jed thinks we have died 1/2 mile from finish line and frantically calls/texts me. (He had a GPS tracking on my phone to know where we were all day).
  • Good bike samaritan saves my sanity and I tell him that we will bring a 6 pack of his favorite beer to his work the next day.
  • Finish Line, finally.  
  • Hotel, where I had pre-packed a couple of Blue Moons in a cooler for much needed shower beers.
  • Overall, I had a really good time but for now, this is a one-and-done situation for me.  I would happily do support for friends in future.
  • TMI: while at home on Sunday, inspecting 'damage' done to my body, I found two huge bruises on the bottom of my booty cheeks.  No wonder they were hurting so badly during the ride.

4:30am Start Line

Around mile 150 - legs are hurtin'

Jed's sweet braiding skills at 100 miles in.

Finish Line action shot

Finish line with 1 Day Rider patches

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lake WA Loop Plus Some

On Saturday, Kim and I completed the our longest ride yet for this season, 60 miles.  Our original plan was to do 80 miles with a group of Kim's friends but we quickly realized that their speed was much quicker than ours and that trying to keep up for 80 miles would be no fun.
So we ended up backtracking from Montlake to I-90 and back, watched some of the UW vs Cal races on the Montlake Bridge above the cut, went back and forth a bit in Kirkland, got caught in downpour rain for about 10 miles in Renton, but overall had a good, adventurous ride.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

{Un} Inspired

Recently I have been uninspired.  I feel like my life is too routine and I am bored with it.  Go to work, go to the gym, go home and make dinner, go to bed.  Five days a week this is my life.  Until yesterday, the weather has been so crappy that you can't even go do fun active things on the weekends.  Dismal weather + dismal mood = one very grumpy Stephanie.

Even on beautiful days like today, I am stuck indoors all day.  All day in meetings.  All I thought of as I dressed today was how I would love to throw on workout clothes instead and go on a bike ride/walk/hike, anything to get me outdoors and active.

A friend suggested I start to make a bucket list, from small to big things and focus on ticking those off.  While making the list was inspiring, I am not able to tick any items off in the near future.  Which makes me sad and uninspired even more.

Maybe I just need a vacation.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Thoughts on Boston

I still feel in shock when I think or read updated reports of the Boston Marathon yesterday.  I feel more struck and more affected by this act of terrorism and hate than I have by other senseless and cowardly shootings and tragedies.

I feel connected to the athletes and spectators hurt by the bombings because I am an athlete.  While I have never ran a marathon, I have ran a couple halfs and have done various other endurance events.  We are athletes.  We have the same goals, same lifestyles, same feelings of pushing our bodies to accomplish events.

I am horrified at what happened, to hear about amputations and worse of the athletes and spectators.  I can easily place myself in their shoes with my family and friends at the finish line.  These cowardly attacks leave many questions in its place: why?  who would do something like this?  These questions have been asked before with  no answer.

This one struck much too close to home.  Pray for Boston. Pray for the athletes.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Attempting Seattle to Portland in One Day

This year, Ashley, Kim and I will be attempting to complete the Seattle to Portland bike ride in one day.  It is going to be a doozy.

Total distance: ~205 miles
Total elevation gain: 4,828 feet


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Post-Holidays Juicing Update

I know I stopped posting about juicing a while ago, so as a wrap-up, I juiced for all meals for 7 days and lost a whopping total of 3lbs.  Sigh.

However, the juicing is clearly not sustainable as I was miserable (did I mention cold?) and bored with my meals for the full week.  The secondary week I switched to juicing for breakfast and/or lunch and although that was much more do-able, I wasn't enjoying it much.  I am not sure how others have juiced for multiple months.

After a lovely holiday back home I am back to reality today.  My juicer currently sits forlorn on the counter and I eyeball it once in a while, contemplating a return.

For the next two months I will be busy studying once again so while I may make a juice once in  a while (a lot of the recipes were really tasty), I will not be regularly juicing again in the immediate future.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Juicing Day 6 - Lots of Pulp

There is so much pulp leftover after I make my juices.  I felt bad just throwing it away (as I don't have a garden or compost) so I looked up some recipes to make with the pulp.

Once recipe was to make vegetable stock, which is great to use in making soups.  The recipe is simple, add the pulp, water and spices and simmer for a couple hours.  Strain the pulp from the liquid and you have your stock.

Pulp simmering
If I had a strainer cloth this might have worked better, but overall it didn't make much stock.

Not a lot of stock
I did cheat a little bit this weekend, I had a glass of wine at a party and made butternut squash and apple soup.  I know I am only supposed to do 'juices' but having warm soup helped the emotional side so much that I didn't care.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Jucing Day 3 - Warming Up

I have realized that doing a juicing cleanse in fall/winter is not a good idea.  While I crave hot tea, coffee and soups, I have to sip on refrigerated juices.

To help me keep myself from freezing and going crazy, I will be making puree soups out of veggies.  I found a bunch of recipes and am planning on going to Costco tonight to pick up the produce needed.

I had back-to-back meetings 10am-4pm today so I only had a small juice in the morning and then a small juice again after my meetings.  This definitely went against the juicing schedule, where they have you eat every 2-3 hours.
 I am so looking forward to warm soups

I am going to brunch with a couple of friends tomorrow so it will be my first real challenge - to go out to eat and not actually eat.  I will see if they have any vegetable soups and if not, then get some fruit to munch on.  I am ok with doing what is needed for my lifestyle, ordering and eating (!) fruit and such at restaurants.