Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Thoughts on Boston

I still feel in shock when I think or read updated reports of the Boston Marathon yesterday.  I feel more struck and more affected by this act of terrorism and hate than I have by other senseless and cowardly shootings and tragedies.

I feel connected to the athletes and spectators hurt by the bombings because I am an athlete.  While I have never ran a marathon, I have ran a couple halfs and have done various other endurance events.  We are athletes.  We have the same goals, same lifestyles, same feelings of pushing our bodies to accomplish events.

I am horrified at what happened, to hear about amputations and worse of the athletes and spectators.  I can easily place myself in their shoes with my family and friends at the finish line.  These cowardly attacks leave many questions in its place: why?  who would do something like this?  These questions have been asked before with  no answer.

This one struck much too close to home.  Pray for Boston. Pray for the athletes.

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