Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Post-Holidays Juicing Update

I know I stopped posting about juicing a while ago, so as a wrap-up, I juiced for all meals for 7 days and lost a whopping total of 3lbs.  Sigh.

However, the juicing is clearly not sustainable as I was miserable (did I mention cold?) and bored with my meals for the full week.  The secondary week I switched to juicing for breakfast and/or lunch and although that was much more do-able, I wasn't enjoying it much.  I am not sure how others have juiced for multiple months.

After a lovely holiday back home I am back to reality today.  My juicer currently sits forlorn on the counter and I eyeball it once in a while, contemplating a return.

For the next two months I will be busy studying once again so while I may make a juice once in  a while (a lot of the recipes were really tasty), I will not be regularly juicing again in the immediate future.

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