Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tis the Season

Our Christmas, excuse me, "Holiday" gift for our clients this year is very creative and delicious. We are creating a "Taste of Seattle Chocolates" and have compiled a few of local chocolate shops special treats. We ordered 100 gold boxes, which I spent, with the help of one co-worker, most of yesterday assembling the lids and bottoms. I went to Costco and purchased wired ribbon and tissue paper and today I am tying 100 ribbons around 100 gold boxes. The chocolates should be in today (the samples were delicious!) and so I will get to arrange chocolates in tissue paper in gold boxes wrapped in ribbon. I have reached out for help, but alas, I have not received any. However, I am on vacation tomorrow so whatever I do not finish today will have to be completed tomorrow :)

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