Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Challenging Nature

I never used to be very clutzy but something happened to me in my 20's where my reflexes and coordination have been thrown off. A few years ago, I decided to challenge a log via a rope swing and lost. Badly. I will forever have the injury I sustained that warm summer day. This past weekend, I decided to battle an even larger natural element, a mountain. Mt. Si to be exact. About a 1/2 mile to the bottom, on fairly flat terrain, the mountain tripped me and I went head over heels. A badly sprained ankle, bruised knees and roadrash found me on the ground. Wiping the dirt off I assured my friend and myself that I was fine. I hobbled down to the end and drove home in an immense amount of pain. Taking my hiking shoes off at home, I found my ankle had swollen to about the size of a tennis ball. Ugly and painful I strapped on some ice, took some anti-inflammatories and layed on the ground with the kitties with my leg up on the chair for the rest of the evening.

The next day I went to physical therapy where I got the silent but disappointed look from my therapist. At this point, the swelling was the same but the bruising had started to set it. Now it is purple all over with green and darker (black?) blobs melting in. I am one sexy lady.

Congrats to me. I don't know what else I can challenge that is larger than a mountain, but at the rate I seem to be going, I am sure it will not be without pain.


Julie said...

Ahh, so sorry! I think all the discoloring is normal, but the process will take a long time! Rest up! We put a tv in the quest room so we can chill on the bed and watch network tv. Get better!

Beverly said...

Is this by chance the same ankle you injured at Christmas? Are you suppose to be climbing mountains? I'm very sure your physical therapist wasn't real happy with you....It use to be accident waiting to happen Krissy.....are you trying to take her place??? You take CARE of yourself.....Lv Ya...Ninnie....XOXOX