Tuesday, September 16, 2008

End of the Season

As the summer is ending (Autumn officially starts on September 22nd) I have only a couple of events that I will be finishing with.

Sept 21: Kirkland Triathlon

Sept 28: Kirkland 5k

Oct 18: 10k Mud Run in San Diego

Here is a look back at what I have done this summer:

June 14: Flying Wheels (65 mile ride)

July 20: Seafair Triathlon

Aug 3: San Francisco Half Marathon

August 24: 1.5 mile Lake Swim

September 7: Iron Girl 10k

My first race ever was the Jingle Bell 5k run during Christmas. I remember this was very very hard for me to do, and I told Julie (who ran with me) that I did not want to walk at all. It was after this race that we decided to train for a half marathon. It is amazing that I am now able to easily run a 5k and more, but unfortunately I have to now deal with multiple injuries that have accrued due to running.

Overall: I like to run, not long distances. I love to bike and still love to swim.

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Julie said...

I like your updates. I like it when you spell out your activities. You/we are so accomplished! Happy Last Day of Summer!