Monday, September 22, 2008

Kirkland Triathlon

Yesterday, Julie and I competed in the Kirkland Triathlon at Carillon Point.

The weather was gloomy and it had rained all day Saturday, making the course wet and cold. Luckily, the rain held and it was only dark and cloudy for the whole race.

Julie unfortunately got a flat tire during the bike and had to stop a couple of times to fix it. We both went slower on the course due to the wet asphalt (and my fear of riding in the rain).

In my division (women 20-24) I was ranked 17 out of 34.

My overall time: Ranking:
1:42:05 17
0:14:25 130
0:49:35 590
0:32:27 863

Pictures to come later.

1 comment:

Julie said...

I did terrible and looked even more terrible. I don't really want to see any pictures from this race. But it was fun once we were done!