Monday, October 20, 2008

San Diego Vacation

Coming back to the cold and rainy 50 degree Seattle weather makes me realize how much I love and how great of a time I had in 85 degree San Diego weather. In fact, as I am writing this, I hear thunder rumbling and lightning flashing outside. Awesome.

I had a great time on vacation, staying with Jena and Sean and playing with Sadie. We went on walks to the cliffs and watched the surfers. I played in the waves at Newport Beach and was entertained by frisbees artists perform. We walked down to the Farmer's Market and got delicious fresh salmon fillets for dinner. We went sailing on a Hobie Cat (fun!) in Mission Bay (where Jena and Sean met...awww).

Weather update insert: It is now hailing/massive downpour.

We watched the local artists perform at Oktoberfest and saw Sean's sweet underwater photography for sale in the local coffee shop. The day that I left we went snorkeling in La Jolla which was tons of fun. I had Inn N Out twice while in Cali...yum!

Papa and Ninnie's house was absolutely amazing, a scene straight out of Tuscany. I had an amazing time cooking with Ninnie and then shopping and playing in the pool. I loved being able to see everyone at the Mud Run and I really appreciate everyone coming out to watch us and support us. Extra thanks to Ninnie and Aunt Bev for getting up at the crack of dawn and driving me to the race!

Weather update: More rumbling thunder and raining cats and dogs.

I had so much fun at the Mud Run and being able to chat with everyone. Janine, you look absolutely amazing...I am so proud of you!

Weather update: LIGHTNING!

Overall I had a great vacation, thank you to everyone for feeding me and letting me crash on the couch/ground and be the first to sleep in the Diva guest room!

Pictures to come shortly :)

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Beverly said...

Hey Steph.....We also enjoyed your visit....even the early mud run :) Looking forward to seeing you again at Christmas time...
Love Ya....Ninni