Friday, February 25, 2011

What's In A Name?

I recently got a new bike, a 2010 Look 566. My first bike, a Marin Portofino, was my first road bike, ever.  Now that I am more into biking, I have been looking for a new bike with better elements.  I love my old bike, as it was there through hundreds of miles, blood, sweat and tears.  It introduced me to the world of biking.

I love the black and blue colorings of the Marin.  I also love that Marin is California based (in Marin County, just outside of San Francisco) and therefore has a grizzly bear emblem on it.  The Marin will always have a soft place in my heart for its ties to my home state. 

For my new bike, I feel like I need to spend some more quality time with it to really know its nuiances and feel.  I got it fit in the middle of Seattle's snowpacalypse this week at Montlake Bike Shop and am looking forward to spending some time in my new saddle, testing out my fabulous new red, black and white bike.

Now that I own two bikes, there has been confusion when talking about them. Before, I could easily say "my bike" and all would know what I was talking about. Now, referring to "my bike" can confuse the listener. I have decided it is finally time to name my two bikes.

However, this decision has yet to have any resolutions.  Whats in a name?  How do I name it?  I am normally not one to give names to inanimate objects, however all of my friends, families and pets have multiple names and nicknames I have given them.  So what is the block when trying to establish a name with my bike?

I have a few ideas rolling around, but none have really taken root.  Any suggestions on names - or how to go about naming your bike?

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Amanda said...

There's usually a moment when I'm thinking about the thing and a name pops in my head. Or, sometimes an event is the impetus.

My boat, Reginald, was thus dubbed when I was thinking about an event we had just done, and *bam* he had a name before I knew I was going to name him.

My bike, Silver, however, got his moniker after a very Wild West moment spent chasing a train--a nod to my childhood hero The Lone Ranger.

On the other hand, I struggled for much too long to name Grimace, my first bike--ever. He's purple.