Tuesday, June 14, 2011

60 Days

Today marks officially 1 week since I have been allowed to start training again and exactly 60 days to Lake Stevens.  In the past week, to start getting my endurance back, I have had my butt kicked in just about each thing I did:
  • Spinning classes - these can and will kick your butt no matter what shape you are in
  • 100 mile bike ride - definitely challenging when you have not worked out for 2 months
  • 7 mile hike - the morning after the century ride
  • Masters swim - was planning to be a recovery workout, but instead turned into a 3000 meter swim in 60 minutes
It still hurts to run, even to eliptical, so my new strategy is to race the swim and bike as fast as possible in order to not be kicked off the course during the run, even if I have to walk most of the way - which is very likely.

I also just signed up for the first Olympic distance Seafair Triathlon (they have only had sprint distances in the past).  This will be a good indictor on how painful and tough the run for the 70.3 will be.

With only 2 months to go, I am already getting butterflies and second guessing myself.  What if I don't make it?  What if they kick me off the course?  Not only will my group of friends (aka my team) be racing or cheering but my parents are planning on driving up from California to watch me as well.  Which is great! I love having my parents be there and support me and I know just how lucky I am to have that, but it definitely adds another level of nervousness to the race. 

As an athlete, my biggest competitor is myself and I definitely don't want to let me down.

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Debbie said...

Hello! We don't want you to get hurt and it's worth coming up just for a visit. Don't do something that is too much. WE LOVE YOU!!!