Monday, December 3, 2012


On Saturday, I wasn't able to fall asleep so I spent more time that I care to admit browsing the interwebs.  I landed on Pinterest which is something I rarely check out but there are always time-consuming 'pins' there.  I ended up on a couple different blogs that talked about juicing which lead me to the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead documentary.  At 1:30am I decided to watch it.

While the documentary itself wasn't that great, the message was clear.  Liquified fruits and veggies = weight loss, increase in heath and energy and a great detox of your system.

As many of my friends can attest to, I am a pretty healthy eater.  I primarily eat pescatarian and have very limited amount of carbs, and I don't drink soda or fast food.  I have been an athlete through college and still work out regularly, do endurance events and have a personal trainer.  However, ever since high school I have struggled with my weight.  I have gone to multiple doctors, have had everything tested and tried every diet.  I even tried hypnosis.

Everytime, the doctors tell me I am perfectly healthy and my heart breaks a little.

So, to continue my trend of trying everything in hopes that one day something will work, I am going to go on a "juice fast" for the next two weeks at least.

I gathered info from a bunch of places and am going to do what works best for me and my lifestyle.  I purchased a juicer, found a bunch of recipes and am excited to start.  I know it will be hard but it won't be the most difficult thing I have ever done.  I plan on documenting this cleanse as much as possible for the next couple of weeks.

The juicer arrives on Wednesday so will kick this off as soon as I figure out how to use it.


aarthy said...

Ohhh interesting, I've had that documentary in my netflix queue for a while but haven't watched it yet. I tried a juice cleanse a few years ago but got really hungry after 1.5 days. Looking back I think there was very minimal protein in it which could have been the problem. Hope it goes better for you, keep us posted!!


crystal said...

I'm excited to hear how this works for you. I've considered it and even tried a couple times, but like Aarthy gave up after only a couple days because I was so hungry.

If it works you'll have to share your recipes and how you got through the struggles.

crystal said...