Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Snow and Sunshine

Last night it started snowing. By the time I went to bed there was about 1-2 inches on the ground, and was starting to freeze. As I left my cozy bed, kitty and apartment at 7:15am, I found that my little hilly side road to my apartment had also frozen. As I made my way onto the main roads, my little Honda mastered the snow gracefully and comfortably. The freeways were fine, but my work is in the foothills and here there is much more snow. The exit had not been salted and neither had been the roads around my work. Luckily there was barely anyone near the Microsoft campus (full-time employees don't roll in until 10ish) so I took my time. As soon as the sun rose around 7:45am I realized there wasn't a cloud in the sky. So now I am trapped in my office all day, with snow on the ground and a beautiful blue sky. Luckily, I am surronded by 2 windows, so I spend (a lot of) my time gazing up the hills and on the snow burdened trees.

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