Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Expresso Fitness

Expresso Fitness

I was reading the news online this morning and I found a reference to this new workout machine. It looks like any standard new cardio equipment with the attached tv, but now the tv is interactive with making your run, bike, etc into a video game! I have never heard of this before, and I am glad I came across it becuase I think it is a great idea! What a way to get video gamers off their butt and put them into the game. Plus it eases the boredom of staying on the bike for 60 minutes.

I know that Wii tried to start this by making their video games interactive as well. I think this is a great idea too. Although I am terrible at Wii, I still think it is fun.

For our Metia Cup (where we played Wii bowling) I think I won lowest score award.

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