Monday, March 24, 2008


Here are some shots of the life and times of Gus:

He is obsessed with bags. Whenever I go shopping (whether groceries or clothes) he will immediately jump into the bag and claim ownership, even if there is still stuff in it.

Gus and Bootsie on my bed. Bootsie, trying to sleep (as always) and Gus terrorizing her.

I heard a rumbling and soon discovered that Gus found a new hiding place.

Gus' first snow. He spent 2 hours outside chasing the snowflakes until I dragged him back in to warm up his ice-cold ears.

Sleeping on the corner of the couch.

Just like the bags, Gus loves boxes, especially from Costco. This was my shoe box and he immediately jumped in and would not get out. After I put my shoes back in and closed the lid he sat and scratched at the box until I opened it again and moved my shoes out so he could have the box. I think this would be a good shot for a Nike commercial...
By this point he is a little annoyed with me taking so many pictures..

After I found where he hid his toys (under the couch)...

As I cleaned out some old binders, Gus made a mess of the neat piles I had actually created...

He likes to hang out in the bathroom with me.

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Julie said...

I like all the pictures! It explains a lot of cat behaviors!