Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Yesterday, Kara and I ran the St. Patrick's Day Dash from the Seattle Center to Quest Field. We dressed up in green shirts and wore headbands with shamrocks attached. In the parking lot of Quest Field, at the finish line, there were lots of festivities, complete with a beer garden. (Keep in mind the 5k race started at 9:00am). I saw lots of fun outfits, and lots bouncing body parts (aka men in green speedos) that are now burned pernamently in my brain.

Microsoft also is big on celebrating holidays. Below is a fountain colored green for the day. Another fountain was full of green beach balls (you can see one in this fountain).

Today we are celebrating with playing Wii Bowling. The teams are basically divided between UW and WSU alumni and the winner gets to decorate the "Metia Cup" (a large trophy currently decked out in husky gear).

Have a great day!

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