Friday, January 21, 2011

Schedule of Events - So Far

There are so many fun events and vacations to do when the weather gets warm again.  As the weather is currently not very pleasant, I like to plan out my schedule for the season.

Here is my schedule of events and vacations to look forward to so far (suggestions for events welcome), and I am sure plenty more will be added on:

May 6-11: Florida vacation
May 26-30: Vegas
June 11: Moses Lake Olympic Triathlon
June 25: Seattle Rock n Roll Half Marathon
July 9-10: STP
July 16: Warrior Dash
July 24: Seafair Triathlon
August 14: Lake Stevens Ironman 70.3


Kathy said...

Vegas?! :)

Also, I just look at this list and get tired...

You go girl!

France said...

They have changed the LS bike course to a one loop course. Hopefully it will give us an advantage on race day !